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Welcome to the Delray Chamber Education Fund

The Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce firmly believes that education is essential to the vitality and business success of our city. Over thirty years ago, the Chamber established a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to address the needs of public education in Delray Beach.

Today, our 501(c)(3) organization has been revitalized with a new mission, a dedicated board of directors separate from the Chamber, and a new name: the Delray Chamber Education Fund (DCEF). The primary goal of the newly re-purposed Delray Chamber Education Fund is to advance public K-12 schools in Delray Beach by raising funds to support educational programming, services, and resources.

To inquire about volunteering or specific grant or donation opportunities, please contact info@delrayeducation.org

We love supporting Delray Beach Public Schools! 

Join Us for the Delray Education Breakfast

If you missed the opportunity to attend the 2023 Delray Education Breakfast or participate in Delray Reads, our schools can still use your help! We are passionate about improving education experiences for students! Our 2024 goal is over $60,000 used to support additional teacher needs and underfunded Delray school initiatives. Thank you for your assistance and support of the Delray Public Schools.

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