Delray Beach Public Schools Update from
C. Ron Allen

Hello Friends,

I am a concerned community servant who has been on the frontlines with our students, as a mentor, for more than 30 years.

I am appealing to you, as a board member of the Delray Chamber Education Fund, to join in the crusade to generate funding and support for our public schools in the City of Delray Beach.

As you may know, our schools are facing many challenges and difficulties, such as low test scores, high dropout rates, overcrowded classrooms, outdated facilities, and lack of resources. According to the latest data from the Florida Department of Education, only 41 percent of our students are proficient in math and 50 percent in reading, compared to the state averages of 48 percent and 52 percent, respectively. Our schools also have a high percentage of minority and low-income students, who often face additional barriers and disadvantages in their education.

These statistics are alarming and unacceptable. Our children deserve better. They deserve to have access to quality education that prepares them for college and career success. They deserve to have safe and conducive learning environments that foster their growth and development. They deserve to have teachers and staff who are well-trained, motivated, and supported. They deserve to have opportunities and programs that enrich their academic and extracurricular experiences.

DCEF believes that education is the key to success and the foundation of our society. The board also believes that we need everyone on board to ensure that our most prized cargoes have the key to success. That is why we are asking you to invest more in our schools and our students so they can become the best in South Palm Beach County.

Please urge your school board members to allocate more funds for teacher salaries, student scholarships, curriculum development, technology upgrades, facility maintenance, and other essential needs. I am asking you to advocate for our schools and our students at the state and federal levels. I am asking you to partner with our schools and our community to create a shared vision and a strategic plan for improving our education system.

I know that you care about our children and our future. I know that you have the power and the responsibility to make a difference. I know that you can help us turn our schools around and make them the best they can be. Please do not let us down. Please do not let our children down. Please support our schools and our students.

C. Ron Allen, Founder and CEO KOP Mentoring Network