Origin of Delray Chamber’s Education Support

The Greater Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce has long believed that education is key to the economic vitality of our City. More than forty years ago the Chamber developed a 501(c) 3 organization to address the needs of public education in Delray, particularly those communities most in need. The organization was named Delray Beach Chamber Charities and it was instrumental in delivering financial support to our schools.

Beginning in 2018, the Chamber’s Education Committee and its Advocacy committee launched a yearlong effort to revitalize Chamber Charities. A task force comprised of chamber members re-evaluated the mission and developed an up-to-date vision of how the Chamber could make the greatest contribution to Delray Beach education.

Delray’s Chamber of Commerce and DCEF

The task force developed a revitalization plan including a new mission statement, creating an independent board of directors separate from the Chamber and a new name for the organization –The Delray Chamber Education Fund (DCEF).

The goal of the newly re-purposed DCEF is to “advance the Delray Beach community through supporting innovative educational programming, services and resources”. Active fund raising provides the money necessary to achieve such a challenging but important goal.

The Delray Chamber Education Fund provides a mutually beneficial relationship with the complete range of Chamber activities by leveraging its philanthropic activities with the Chamber’s 900 plus members representing all sectors of our local economy.

Our Mission

Develop, support and fund a diversity of educational initiatives that helps make Delray learning programs and schools among the top tier in south Palm Beach County

  • Serve as 501c3 tax exempt organization for the Chamber providing tax deduction possibilities for members
  • Raise funds to underwrite innovative education activities in Delray
  • Work with local programs to achieve the most effective outcomes
  • Assist local schools to produce graduates who live, work, and thrive in Delray

Sources for additional funding for our schools is more important than ever before.

Our students are experiencing a crisis:

  • Students are experiencing learning delays and losses up to one full year in the case of many at-risk families due to the Covid pandemic.

  • Student enrollment is down, daily attendance has fallen, and failure rates are up

  • Children already at risk are the most severely impacted. 

  • Children entering kindergarten for the 2021/2022 school year will have missed foundational skills.

DCEF believed that It is critical that public schools play a vital role in the economic and social well-being of our City.

Our Board of Directors

Allison Turner, Chair

John Peters, Vice Chair

Kae Johnsons, Secretary

David Beale, Legal Counsel

Kristen Noffsinger, Member

C. Ron Allen, Member

Ted Hoskinson, Member

Rita Rana, Member

Stephanie Immelman, Chamber CEO